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Rick Todd
Texas songwriter, performer, multi-instrumentalist

After a few lifetimes as a Telecaster-slinging rocker, farm manager, studio producer and engineer, and award-winning research scientist, Rick Todd turned his creative talents to making music once again.


The result is Diesel Town, a tapestry of tales drawn from the Empty Quarter of America - the often forgotten expanse of dusty roads, dry rivers and huddled towns in the country's middle. The songs are alive with railroad bulls, wailing ghost ponies, wandering monks, Dust Bowl survivors, guitar slinging pirates, road-worn pilgrims, broken lovers and those made whole by love. These intimate songs are rooted - in landscapes, in lived experience and in the heart.

Diesel Town - Rick Todd's new, independent release

"With charming melodies & upbeat lyrics that narrate travels, journeys & adventures that are always exploratory – the tunes have dust & mileage on them.”

                                                                                                 - John Apice

                                                                                                  Americana Highways

Diesel Town resonates in a space between Americana, country and folk, with mostly acoustic instrumentation, including mandolin, dobro, and pedal steel guitar, with sonic doses of shimmering tremolo guitar, Tejano button accordion and a couple of driving, guitar riff-dominant tracks. Todd wrote, produced and recorded Diesel Town, and performed all the vocals and most of the instruments.

Announcing Rick's new album DIESEL TOWN

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