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New Album "Diesel Town" released July 1, 2023

It's here. My solo album "Diesel Town". Titled after my railroad home town of  North Platte, Nebraska, "Diesel Town" is nine songs that weave together my northern and southern High Plains homes.

Link up with streaming services here.  CDs for sale on Bandcamp.

"Diesel Town" is a tapestry of tales drawn from the Empty Quarter of America. The songs are alive with railroad bulls, wailing ghost ponies, wandering monks, Dust Bowl survivors, guitar slinging pirates, road-worn pilgrims, broken lovers and those made whole by love. Strands of loss and decay, duty and regret, penance and resilience, release and grief and love twine through songs woven between grass and sky. These intimate songs are rooted - in landscapes, in lived experience and in the heart.

I have always paid heed to the wabi sabi aesthetic. So, you will find this work impermanent, incomplete and imperfect. I wanted to give the songs I heard in my head and felt in my heart the breath they needed to live in the world. But I didn't do it all myself.


I am blessed with the constant love, support and encouragement of my beloved wife, Victoria. I drew on the musical talents of friends who added their creative voices to several songs. And I had the spirit of my long-missed studio partner, Mick McLaughlin, gently guiding me.

Lyrics and Notes
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