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Diesel Town video added to Rick Todd Music Youtube channel

We were driving down Highway 60 between Pampa and Amarillo. Parallel to the highway runs the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe rail line. Past a rusted steel mill, an abandoned chemical plant, grain elevators, wind farms, the bunkers of Pantex, the Asarco refinery and the Harrington power plant. I video recorded the tableau, the foreground rushing by, mid-field the diesel engines pulling grain hoppers, ethanol tankers, container cars, the sky opening up in the distance to a washed out sky. Pantex, a curious collection of innocuous buildings, huddled on the plain concealing the place from where "the death white bomb cars roll". The White Deer wind farm in almost slow motion spin.

Out of all that I pieced together a lyrics video for the song "Diesel Town". It shows the relentless, always moving trains, the thin, industrial line that connects the little diesel towns, almost everything I put into the song. You can watch here:

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