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It's the breath that gives the song life

Mick McLaughlin was my music partner, compañero of the long nights, and inspiration as a wildly creative, deeply talented and all-in dedicated musician. He died in 1998, leaving a silent rupture in the creative universe. He also left a box of tapes filled with hours of music, some finished, others works in progress. Opening that box and listening and cataloguing Mick's music knocked loose so many emotions - sadness, elation, nostalgia, gratitude, intense missing. I came to understand that music only dies when it no longer pushes air, that like any living thing, a song needs to breathe. Otherwise, it's as good as dead. So, I perform a couple of Mick's songs at every gig, to keep them alive. I wrote this song as an expression of that aspiration, imagining Mick still opening my eyes to what a song is about.

I put together the video for Mick's 69th birthday, drawing on some of the few photos I have of Mick and our band, The Skyōtes.

Rick Todd: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, accordion, keys

Nate Todd: piano, organ, lap steel guitar

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