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Most Promising Officer and Deepening Of The Stillness by Rick Todd covered on acclaimed folk singer James Lee Baker's newest album, Impressions.



Americana Highway. May 5, 2022. Review by John Apice

Most Promising Officer:     "Excellent quality ballad..."

Deepening Of The Stillness:     "A more fully realized song with lots of oats, straw & wildflowers...quite good."

Michael Doherty’s Music Log. April 29, 2022.

Most Promising Officer:     "This is another powerful song."

Deepening Of The Stillness:     " uplifting folk sound...written by Richard Todd, the only songwriter represented twice on this disc...another of the disc's highlights."

HVY Journalists. Review by Will Phoenix, April 28, 2022

"Rick Todd’s historical “Most Promising Officer” also made an impression on Baker. This almost mournful offering certainly tells a tuneful tale worth a listen as it not only is based on history but it has an interesting western feel to it. Baker notes: “This song, told from the perspective of a trail-walker imagining flashbacks of horror and innocent bloodshed, reveals, in rich imagery, the destructive actions of Ranald S. Mackenzie.”

"Also included here is a sad Rick Todd song about a mortally wounded soldier titled “Deepening of the Stillness.” Baker’s performance will have you seeing this song-story in your mind. He agrees about the expressive imagery adding that the song “paints a picture of a man losing touch with the linear experience of time and space who is talking to his dearly-loved wife while his senses begin to fail him. The air buzzes like it is full of hornets and ‘crashes’ like thunder in his ears as he recounts his love to the woman who isn’t by his side.”


Media Appearances

Studio 4, KAMR Channel 4, Amarillo. Rick Todd  (Dr. T) performed with Danny Freeze and Gregg Todd. Rick's song "Open" begins at the 7:47 mark.

High Plains Morning, High Plains Public Radio. Dr. T and Danny Freeze with Gregg Todd perform Diesel Town, Hold You and There's A Bayou.

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